zodiac signs most and least likely to get rich

geminis have amazing intellect and are great fun to be around. But they have one characteristic that unfortunately means they're unlikely to become rich 

Of course, not every decision should be spontaneous. However, weighing the pros and cons for too long, as Gemini tends to do, allows for others to swoop in and get ahead. 

Libras have a huge amount to offer when it comes to making people happy and creating a better world. They're unlikely to ever become rich, however. 

Pisces people tend to be very creative and are often keen to be part of something innovative and revolutionary. They are often held back by overthinking, however. 

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Cancer is often preoccupied with making a difference in the world, but that does 

Sagittarius would much rather be a lone wolf than take on the input of others, and that is normally this sign's downfall when it comes to making it big. 

Aquarius is right in the middle of the lineup, a sign that is neither very likely, nor very unlikely, to get rich. Aquarius definitely has the originality needed for success.

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