Zodiac Sign & Tarot Weekend Forecast for October 28-29

Aries Queen of Wands, your card Grab whatever that makes you happy and passionate this weekend. Focusing on the good will help you overcome tough times

Taurus 7 of Cups, your card This weekend's alternatives won't be clear. Follow your instincts and you'll choose correctly.

Gemini Your card: Lovers If you're in a relationship, this weekend will bring love and harmony. If not, now is the moment to flirt well.

Cancer Your card: 5 of Pentacles Worry will torment you this week. Your anxiety may be real, but your insecurities are more likely to cause it. Attempt to ignore it.

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Leo Knight of Cups, your card This weekend, follow your heart. Resist the need to analyze your feelings. Going with your intuition will lead to good decisions.

Virgo 8 of Cups, your card Sometimes fixing something won't work and wastes time. Some things are unfixable. This weekend, consider abandoning what doesn't work.

Libra Your card: 4 of Pentacles Be careful this weekend. Being carefree—especially with mom—could be disastrous. Spend more conservatively. Save now because you'll need it.

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