Zodiac Sign-Based Animal Oracle

Aries Ram is your animal oracle. Rams are fearless fighters. Instead of battling for fun, it uses most of its strength as a hard defense

Taurus Your animal oracle is Bull. Bulls are stubborn and don't give up. When red appears, they'll do anything to succeed. Bulls symbolize that your persistence

Gemini Your animal oracle is Chameleon. Chameleons can adapt to almost any situation. A chameleon tells you to improve your social status by bringing everyone together.

Cancer Your animal oracle is crab. Crabs battle and worry. These creatures will hide in their shells or claw you. A crab indicates that something in your life isn't right.

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Leo Your animal oracle is Lion. Lions are fierce, prideful combatants who want to be in charge. Lions indicate that it's time to show off.

Virgo Your animal oracle is the House Cat. Cats love routine and won't be persuaded by others' plans. House cats indicate to stick to your guns and use claws 

Libra Your animal oracle is Deer. Deer sense energy to know when to flee. Deer remind you to be around excellent people.

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