Your zodiac sign's ideal pet

Pet selection is important. Make sure your pet matches your lifestyle, space, and personality.

Jupiter rules luck and abundance in Sagittarius.Sagittarians are optimistic, adaptable, and always land on their feet.

Active Aries need a pet that can match their energy. You probably have trouble sitting still—like a ferret!

Another good choice for energetic Aries is a Border Collie. You'll enjoy exhausting each other!

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Taureans are so laid-back they're almost horizontal! They like affection, so a cuddly, low-maintenance hamster is a good choice.

Tauruses like to relax and connect with nature. A tortoise could be your ideal pet!

Neptune, the spiritual and illusionary planet, rules Pisces. Pisces have compassion, empathy, and the ability to connect with the unseen.

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