Your Zodiac Best Friend Sign? Top Zodiac Signs for Friendship

When it comes to high standards, there are a few tells that can predict whether or not someone will have them, one of those tells being their zodiac sign.  

They don't shy away from it either, embracing these lofty expectations and using them as a reminder that settling for mediocrity is not in their cosmic DNA 

Have you ever connected with someone instantly and easily? You feel comfortable being yourself around them and can always count on them.

Behind their impeccable attention to detail lies a Virgo's genuine desire to find meaningful connections.  

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The locals are curious, funny, and adaptable. They make their friends laugh with their amazing sense of humor and are always available to talk.

Cancerians are nurturing, compassionate, and sensitive. They quickly recognize and meet their friends' emotional needs by reading subtle cues.

Leos are generous, loyal, and confident. They'll help their friends with anything and make sacrifices or show love for them.

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