Your Mental Health by Zodiac Sign

Social media claims that your astrological birth chart and mental health are aligned to define your personality and reveal a lot about you. 

Similarities between the zodiac and mental health are obvious. Visiting an astrologer can feel like therapy, but it's not.

Astrology may protect it because it can be taken lightly. Pinning all your traits and behaviors on being a rising Sag takes away your control over your life.

Unfortunately, mental health issues cannot be explained by being a Scorpio. Try as I might, my birth time doesn't explain my intensity, anxiety, or control. 

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She says "magical thinking" is when we project our own ideas onto a situation to cope. 

Magical thinking can keep you emotionally safe—like a metaphorical mind blanket—until you can address the root causes of a serious issue.

This may prevent you from getting the help and treatment you need. 

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