Which dog breed lives longest?

Doing research on which dog breed lives the longest can help you choose a dog that will be part of your family for years to come. Saying goodbye to our beloved pets is hard.

Beagles are smart and energetic. This sweet-natured medium-sized dog lives 10-15 years and barks and howls often. The oldest known Beagle lived 27 years!

The exuberant Australian Shepherd Dog loves outdoor activities and is smart and work-oriented. Running around may keep Aussies healthy, as most live 12-15 years.  

 While they won't win awards for long-distance running or jumping, sausage dogs are smart and stubborn, which may explain why they stay with their owners for 16 years.

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Pomeranian dogs are small but fierce, even when their opponents are much larger. The intelligent Pomeranian's 12-16-year lifespan and cheerful, foxy face make them the perfect companion.

One of the smallest dog breeds is the Chinese crested. The hairless breed with tufts of hair around its paws and head is most famous.

The Yorkshire Terrier, known as Yorkie, is a lively, brave, and affectionate dog that loves attention. Yorkies are full of personality and live 15 years

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