Veterinarians' top 2023 dry cat food

Before the late 1980s, most cats lived indoors and out. They ate both store-bought and wild food.

Consider your pet's wild roots when choosing cat food. As obligate carnivores, cats must get their essential amino acids, like taurine, from animal protein.

The agency advised washing pet bowls and storage containers and destroying food so children, pets, and wildlife cannot reach it.

Quality food doesn't have to be expensive. Pet food with a nutritional adequacy statement on the label or packaging meets your pet's nutritional needs.

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Breeders Choice dog food is being recalled by Blue Ridge Beef of Statesville, North Carolina, due to salmonella concerns. 

These adorable, little canines live 12–20 years longer than their larger 

counterparts and may thrive in any size home or studio apartment. 

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