Four Zodiac Signs May Get A Special Sign On November 1

CANCER Cancer seeks that unremarkable sign. The give-me-a-sign-any-sign quest and cry that only occurs when we're lost.

When we feel like we're plummeting or flying off the tracks. Where we feel lost and have no compass. Cancer will not receive a lightning bolt or butterfly on their nose. 

SAGITTARIUS Sagittarius wants to ‘hold on.’ It's the sign that says, "Keep your arms and legs inside the ride because this rollercoaster is about to go zero to sixty."

It's problematic when Sagittarius has only known one bus line and doesn't know the signs for ‘the sign’.

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ARIES Since Aries is a warrior, it may surprise them to ask for permission to quit. They're wondering if they've done their best.

 In employment, relationships, and other projects, Aries wants to go but is afraid about their pride. They don't want to look like quitters or damage anyone

PISCES Pisces wants a sign that it's time. The best time to look for work. Become engaged. Book an international flight. Get bangs. Send that text. Write the first chapter

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