True Romantic Zodiac Signs

Modern love makes us reconsider everything, from the best photo angle to the best Hinge prompt to the right first date drink.

They don't shy away from it either, embracing these lofty expectations and using them as a reminder that settling for mediocrity is not in their cosmic DNA 

Scorpios often rush into romance without hesitation. They love intimacy but are wary of new people.

Pisces—the worst romantic. Pisces, ruled by Jupiter, prefers the idea of love to the actual thing.

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The locals are curious, funny, and adaptable. They make their friends laugh with their amazing sense of humor and are always available to talk.

Aquariuses are the most selective zodiac signs, so their partners must meet their high standards.

Leos are generous, loyal, and confident. They'll help their friends with anything and make sacrifices or show love for them.

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