Top Toxic Qualities of Each Zodiac Sign

As expected, your stubbornness is toxic, Taurus. You can't adapt to new situations.

In contrast, Gemini is the opposite. Geminis are toxic because they can't sit still.

Cancers love to complain but don't like conflict. You may feel overwhelmed by your emotions as a sensitive sign.

Avoiding eye contact and accusing you of infidelity are other signs of cheating. Cheating partners may accuse you of infidelity to avoid suspicion.

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I don't think Leos like being the center of attention. Leos can be shy, but they want to feel like the main character.

You've heard it before—Virgos are picky and won't finish anything unless it's perfect.

Libras are extreme non-confrontationals like Cancers. So much so that avoidance is toxic.

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