Three zodiac signs deemed unlucky in love?

Remember, this is not an irrefutable rule. Being one of the zodiac signs perceived as unlucky in love does not necessarily imply a destiny without love or an eternity of solitude. 

Virgos often find themselves unlucky in love. The reason? Their high demands. Virgos have lofty expectations of love and of their potential life partners, 

Geminis are also often deemed unlucky in love due to their indecisiveness and fear of commitment.  

Past romantic failures often complicate matters, making them wary of being hurt again and casting a shadow of mistrust. 

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which can often deter other people from the start. Always on the hunt for flawless and perfect partners, they prolong the search for their suitable mate. 

The list concludes with Capricorn. Capricorns love being the center of attention and often find it challenging to accommodate another person  

Their uncompromising nature due to stubbornness often hinders a relationship built on compromise and mutual understanding. 

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