These 6 zodiac signs are most likely to ghost you.

The biggest ghoster is Gemini. Geminis are indecisive about love and relationships. They can be completely in love one day and then entirely over it the next. 

Geminis aren't honest about their feelings and don't envision themselves settling down, making relationships with them a rollercoaster.

Aries gets bored easily. Aries views love as a game and will break up with their partner if someone better comes along. Aries adore the excitement of the chase and can be tough on dates

seduction.Scorpio lacks guts... Scorpios are the most elusive zodiac sign, hence they often vanish without explanation. Despite their bravado

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Aquarius flees troubles. Aquariuses detest fighting, therefore they usually take the easy way out. Whatever length of time you've been talking to an Aquarius, don't be misled by their charm.

!Leo constantly wants more Leo, one of the most narcissistic zodiac signs, won't wait for their spouse to notice their excellence if they don't appreciate and admire them. 

 Instead, they'll find someone new quickly because they're serial daters addicted to dating apps.

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