The Most Popular American Ice Cream Flavors

Eggs make this ice cream a custard. According to my extensive testing and tasting, eggs are the key to making a smooth and creamy treat that rivals premium ice cream.

Vanilla ice cream has been associated with America since the founding and

The second most popular ice cream flavor in America is chocolate. The top two pair perfectly, so there's no need to choose.

Vanilla ice cream and Oreo Cookies have been sold in grocery stores since 1912, but it took 67 years to combine them.

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Strawberry ice cream is refreshing and fruity. Mixing strawberries and vanilla ice cream makes the dessert popular.

Whisk a little of the hot mixture into the egg yolks in a small bowl; return to the pan, whisking constantly.

This Baskin-Robins original minty twist on chocolate chip ice cream became popular after being served at Princess Anne's Westminster Abby wedding as Mint Royale.

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