The  Most Aggressive Dog Breeds

Rough Collie The loving Lassie popularized this breed. Like the TV star's antics, its friendly dog reputation may be false.

miniature poodles fight to compensate for their size. They are hyperactive and can become aggressive. 

Germany bred miniature schnauzers as guard dogs in the 19th century.

German shepherds are often police or military dogs, but not because they are aggressive.

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The curly-coated Lagotto Romagnolo was bred in northeastern Italy to hunt truffles. Like other working dogs, they are energetic and need lots of stimulation. 

One of the smallest dog breeds is the Chinese crested. The hairless breed with tufts of hair around its paws and head is most famous.

These tiny dogs are yappy and furry. They love their owners but distrust strangers. 

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