The 3 Best Zodiac Signs for Revenge

Scorpio Scorpios are known for their fervor. This applies to everything, including being slighted. Scorpios are strategic and intuitive, so they may create subtle 

 so their revenge is deliberate and frequently long-lasting. Scorpios are loyal and just, thus they often want to remedy wrongs themselves

Aries Due to their boldness and impulsivity, Aries don't tolerate injustice. Aries reacts fast and strongly when taken advantage of

 Their retaliation is frequently blunt and confrontational. Aries don't carry grudges,

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 yet anyone who offends them will feel their wrath immediately. They don't hide their desire for revenge and may take risks when delivering it. 

Capricorn Capricorns might use their strategic thought and drive to pursue revenge. They are patient and wait for the proper moment to act

ensuring their actions have the desired effect. Capricorns will cling onto a grudge for a long time if they want revenge. Their retaliation

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