Some foods on this list Low-calorie foods

There are foods you can snack on all day without gaining weight (but doing so exclusively could cause other health issues). 

Bell peppers are low-calorie. Chopped red bell pepper (150 grams) has 46 calories per cup.

Vitamin C-rich clementines have 35 calories per 74 grams.

Despite their different types, onions have similar calorie counts. The average 100-gram medium onion has 44 calories.

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A medium tomato has 22 calories. Due to their high water content and antioxidant content, they have few calories.

A single apple weighing 100 grams will have about 57 calories. It will also contain around three grams of dietary fiber.

Strawberries are surprisingly low in calories for being such a delicious treat. Strawberries contain 50 calories per cup (152 grams). 

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