November 7 Black Horoscopes

After four months retrograde, Saturn, the Planet of Challenge, spends its first full week direct in Pisces this week.

Today's birthday (11/07/23) Partnerships are key this year. Regular contact retains creativity, fun, and romance. Turn winter collaboration into springtime fantasies. 

gemini Have simple fun at home. Revamp your spaces to support your family. Take any help. Think about possibilities

In late autumn, your personal life will bring many pleasant and emotional experiences.

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Today is 9— Increase career prospects. Connect with your passion at work. Imagine success. Get expert help when needed. Produce good results.

Saturn's first full week direct in Pisces will make Leo more introspective this week. 

Pisces Help each other reach further. Partnerships open doors. Let your imagination run. Conversation sparks creativity. So does romance. Create options.

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