November 1, 2023 Sky Today

At 12:26 a.m.: The moon is square Mars Venus Disputes in romantic partnerships are likely to arise shortly after midnight, when the moon in Gemini comes into opposition to Venus in Virgo. 

 At this juncture, our feelings are all over the place. Anxiety is caused by uncertainties in romantic relationships. 

As a result, we are less able to effectively communicate our needs to our partners and friends. Instead, we make the unreasonable expectation

that those closest to us would automatically understand what it is that we require of them and thereby doom them to disappointment

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Be proactive rather than criticizing or finding fault in everything! Demonstrate to other people how they should care for you. B

By being more forthcoming about our desires, we forge connections that feel less lonely.At 5:36 in the morning, the moon is in a square

Neptune, and the beginning of the moon vacuum of course occurs. At daybreak, the moon will square off with Neptune in Pisces, which will make 

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