List of Food Products with Brominated Vegetable Oil the FDA Wants to Ban

Soft drink flavoring is evenly separated with brominated vegetable oil (BVO. The flavoring could bunch up and float to the top of drinks without it, changing their taste and appearance.

The FDA said these studies provided “conclusive scientific evidence to support our proposal to remove the FDA’s food additive authorization for BVO.”

In the 1970s, the FDA ruled brominated vegetable oil was not “Generally Recognized as Safe,” regulating its use.

That would affect nearly 100 food products, including some fan favorites.The Environmental Working Group listed all banned products. 

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The FDA is considering banning different versions of Mountain Dew, but Pepsi says they removed BVO from the popular soda in 2022.

If the ban passes, these products may remain. More likely to be reformulated

Chau said. He added that these bans could phase out some products and make others less available as companies try to match their shelf life and properties.

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