know 6 Most Lucky and Unlucky Zodiac Signs 

Luck is complex and hard to measure.It is often called chance, fortune, or fate and attributed to outside forces.

Jupiter rules luck and abundance in Sagittarius.Sagittarians are optimistic, adaptable, and always land on their feet.

The Sun, the vitality and creativity planet, rules Leo.Confident, charismatic Leos attract good things into their lives.

Venus, the love and beauty planet, rules Libra.Libras are graceful, diplomatic, and able to see people's true selves.

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Saturn, the planet of discipline and effort, rules Capricorn. Capricorns are serious, ambitious, and workaholic.

Uranus, the innovator, rules Aquarius. Aquarians are independent, creative, and want to improve the world.

Neptune, the spiritual and illusionary planet, rules Pisces. Pisces have compassion, empathy, and the ability to connect with the unseen.

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