Indoor-thriving sweet dog breeds

Choosing a dog breed is difficult. Consider how, where, and with whom you live. Some breeds are good with kids, while others prefer older pets.

Before getting a dog, especially if you work away from home full-time, learn about these indoor-friendly breeds.

Small, cute, and curious, the Affenpinscher resembles a toy. This is ideal for small apartments.

The friendly American Eskimo dog (Eskie) comes in three sizes: standard, miniature, and toy, and all are good indoor dogs. 

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Australian terriers are big dogs in small packages. It thrives indoors if there are no other dogs to compete with—it likes exclusive attention. 

French water dogs like the Barbet are medium-sized, strong, and have dense, curly coats. 

With its graceful form and meticulous grooming, the Basenji may resemble a cat more than other dog breeds. Africa’s “barkless dog,” 

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