Future Soft-Hearted Zodiacs

Aries To protect yourself, you always thought you had to be cruel. You thought shoving people away before they hurt you would keep you safe.

No matter your efforts, you will experience it. Some people are worth risking. Some are worth the suffering they may cause. 

Scorpio You rarely gave others the benefit of the doubt. You thought they weren't worth it if they hurt you

They seemed like a heartless monster. Despite setting clear limits, you are becoming more empathetic and trying to see things from others' perspectives

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Capricorn You lived a long time pretending you were happy alone, above others, and didn't need anyone else. But now you're soft-hearted and more comfortable

Today, you can exhibit vulnerability like never before. More emotionally mature than ever, it shows.

Aquarius Running from your feelings has been your lifelong theme. You've tried to distract yourself with work, friends, and TV, but you're finally going to examine your feelings. 

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