Friendliest Cat Breeds That Make Great Pet

Siberian cats are cuddly companions known for being sweet-natured, friendly towards other pets, and excellent with children. 

Maine Coons are very smart, highly social, and it’s not uncommon for them to follow you around with very little regard for your personal space. 

Large and lovable, Ragdoll cats are gentle giants that make excellent family pets, especially for those with children. 

Famous for their luscious coats, Persian cats have been lap cats, snuggling up beside their humans for hundreds of years. 

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Abyssinian cats are known for being as smart as they are curious, making them highly social and extremely playful.  

This devoted breed is playful, smart, and loving; Sphynx cats are most likely to be found snuggled up by your side. 

Siamese cats are often referred to as dog-like for their loyal, affectionate personalities and trusting, gentle disposition. 

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