Five cheating signs. First may surprise many.

Many of us know the signs of infidelity. The partner acts strangely, works more hours, and stops planning a future together.

A sudden increase in bed passion is the first warning sign, according to Tracey Cox. If your partner suddenly starts sex constantly after being indifferent,

A partner's behavior change toward you may indicate infidelity. Concerns may arise if your loved one becomes unusually critical or adoring.

Avoiding eye contact and accusing you of infidelity are other signs of cheating. Cheating partners may accuse you of infidelity to avoid suspicion.

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Changed preferences are the most important warning sign. If your partner used to like comedies but now only watches documentaries,

If they liked rap music but now like alternative music, they may be adopting someone else's tastes.

Leos are generous, loyal, and confident. They'll help their friends with anything and make sacrifices or show love for them.

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