Experts recommend the best dog foods of 2023.

Variety can make choosing the best dog food for your pup difficult. Some dogs, like puppies, seniors, and those with sensitive stomachs, have special dietary needs.

Kibble nutrient and calorie content varies. Protein should be moderate—the AAFCO minimum is 18% for adult dogs.

The agency advised washing pet bowls and storage containers and destroying food so children, pets, and wildlife cannot reach it.

Dog food quality and price are linked. Ultra-cheap dog food uses low-quality ingredients to bulk up and lower prices.

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Breeders Choice dog food is being recalled by Blue Ridge Beef of Statesville, North Carolina, due to salmonella concerns. 

These adorable, little canines live 12–20 years longer than their larger 

counterparts and may thrive in any size home or studio apartment. 

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