Each Zodiac Sign's "The One That Got Away"

Aries: Your challenger Aries, it's hard to know what'll fascinate you. You enjoy leading and initiating, but people frequently misinterpret this for never challenging you

aurus: Your viewpoint changer While stubborn, Taurus isn't completely irrational. You may have tunnel vision about your preferences and comfort zones and think you know best

Toeing the line between experimenting and being constant has been a lifelong challenge for Gemini, especially in relationships.

Cancer was independent. Cancer, you think love implies enmeshment. With someone, you want to spend a lot of time together, be close, and feel like soulmates

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Someone saw you for you People can say your ego hinders your relationships, but it depends on whether they want to support or outshine you

Virgo: Your hard-made romancer Virgo, you believe love is more than words and flowers—it's the practical things that matter. 

Libra: Your truthful partner We all want honesty in relationships, but there was a time when you just accepted what you wanted to hear, even if it was false. You knew what you deserved

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