Date Someone Who Shares Your Halloween Passion

If you decorate the whole house for Halloween, date someone who won't mind. Putting gravestones and skeletons on the yard. The moment September closes

Walk through a pumpkin patch with someone to find the right one. Who will put newspaper on the floor for you to carve designs when you get home. 

Date someone who will hold your hand through a spooky mansion. Someone who will calm you while you go through the darkened halls. Someone who won't objec

Date someone who won't judge you for snacking on candy bars and candy corn instead of conserving it for trick-or-treaters. Because they know you adore snacks

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Date someone who will repeat Devil Went Down To Georgia and Monster Mash all month. You're too old for Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown, but someone will enjoy

Date someone who will help you make costumes at the arts and crafts store. Someone who won't push back when you ask them to don a couple's costum

Date someone who will compliment you when you become enthusiastic about kids knocking at the door. Someone who gives you butterflies when they engage

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