Best 2023 puppy foods

Complete and balanced dog foods contain all the nutrients needed for a specific life stage, such as growth, the first stage of life when a puppy is growing.

Welborn says puppies are omnivores and can eat plant and animal protein. Soy, quinoa, chickpeas, barley, rice, and oats make puppy food nutritious and affordable, she says.

Welborn advises feeding large breed puppies a diet tailored to their needs. "Rapid growth can cause orthopedic diseases.

The best small dog food depends on kibble size. "Very small dogs may have issues chewing large kibbles, whereas large breed dogs may have issues with very small kibbles," Welborn. 

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Luisana says puppies can be born with ingredient or protein sensitivities. She says sensitivities and food allergies are rarer than pet parents think.

These adorable, little canines live 12–20 years longer than their larger 

counterparts and may thrive in any size home or studio apartment. 

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