Avoid These 4 Scariest Zodiac Signs

The Zodiac Shadow Have you ever been around someone who gives you the creeps without explaining why? Signs we consider “scariest” have intriguing but intense 

These attributes may resonate with some and awe or frighten others. Do you think your sign is listed

Scorpio: Mysterious Depth Not surprisingly, the Halloween zodiac sign tops this list. Most people think Scorpio is the most enigmatic sign for numerous reasons.

Pluto, named after the underworld god and guardian of the darkest places, gives it its intensity. Scorpios have keen intuition and can read between the lines,

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 Capricorn: Ambition Capricorns, influenced by Saturn, are known for their constant desire of success and authority. Capricorn bosses are intimidating if you have one. 

Their discipline and realistic attitude can look intimidating, making others feel frightened by their ambitions. 

Pisces: Dreamy Depths Pisces are one of the kindest, most empathetic people you'll encounter, but their unearthly presence can scare you. Ethereal and dreamy

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