An explanation of the zodiac houses

When their buddies discuss horoscopes and say things like "oh my god you're such a Gemini," many individuals roll their eyes at astrology.

The very complicated-looking birth chart includes the 12 Houses as a significant component. They split the wheel into twelve equal halves, forming the grid that an astrologer uses to chart the sky at the time of your birth.

Every house has a distinct focus and is linked to a specific set of characteristics. You can better predict how other aspects of your birth chart will show up in your life by understanding the house that corresponds with your star sign.

Known as "personal" homes, the first six houses are associated with aspects of your life that directly impact you. The "interpersonal" homes, which correspond to the second six houses, are concerned with your interactions with other people and the outside environment.

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The house that best describes you is the first one. It is a representation of your physical attributes, overall look, and personality. Your life will be greatly influenced by the planet or planets that were in the first house when you were born.

Aries is the ruled by the first house. Both the first house and the first sign of the zodiac are connected to fresh concepts, ingenuity, and the achievement of objectives.

The second home represents money, goods, and worth. Money and less tangible elements of our surroundings are covered. Our environment can excite our senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell.

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