An Astrologer Explains Each Zodiac Sign's First Date Ritual

After a certain number of first dates, you begin to develop a pattern. You've decided what you'll order and what you'll wear.

Aries, as a fire sign with a lot of energy, may want to let off some steam (and nerves) before going on a first date. 

Taureans are habitual, so they probably know their first date routine. The earth sign needs a routine to stay grounded, and they seem to have it down.

Geminis are good communicators, so they won't spend much time planning conversation topics.

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Cancer may clean the house before a first date, and if you're lucky, the water sign may make a treat.

Leos will look good on a first date. “Leos want to look their best, and that includes their lion’s mane,” Gerdes tells Bustle.

Virgos want love, not just dates. To help them decide if they've found a love match, Gerdes says the earth sign will bring a list of prepared questions.

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