7 Strong Signs of Dark Feminine Era

You skillfully used your wrath and shadow to heal and defend yourself. You may have been raised to be courteous and quiet, but your dark feminine era is different. You no longer fear anger and utilize it to achieve your goals

You're an alchemist who turns everything gold. You become a master manifester. That's because integrating your light and dark aspects makes you more entire

You now frighten narcissists and other poisonous people. Narcissists and other toxic people may avoid you because you're too discriminating and hard to influence.

You’re no longer the “good girl.” Avoid pleasing others. You begin to revere yourself in your dark feminine era. You know your divinity and don't need to elevate others or their demands.

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Your ruthlessness is good. Consider Game of Thrones' Arya Stark energy—without the bloodshed. You no longer hesitate to pursue your aspirations, mission, and justice.

Your sexuality is powerful and under control. Dark feminine age is linked to the alluring femme fatale archetype we love. You use your sexuality to strengthen

You left unhealthy friends and relationships. Your relationships with harmful people, friends, and family no longer benefit your progress

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