5 Proofs of Their Love for You

They treat you equally in private and public. They love without acting. They don't treat you like queen around friends and relatives but hound you alone. 

The same affection and respect are shown one-on-one and in groups. Their genuine love for you doesn't modify their behavior

Instead of pandering, they speak from the heart. When they make a mistake, they won't apologize and ignore it. They will express their feelings and describe their background. 

Though they may say the wrong thing, they will say it from the heart. They're attempting to be honest. 

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They love you with small gestures too. They shouldn't wait till holidays to show you love. They should show you they care every day through words or actions. Consistent love is authentic.

They recognise you as an imperfect person without elevating you. Your individual shouldn't misinterpret you. Don't let them love their idealistic vision of you

They care more about dates than social media. It's fine to want a nice photo to post on their feed, but they shouldn't care more about making it look like you're having fun a

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