4 Zodiacs with “Daddy” Energy

Scorpio Scorpio, you're powerful and leave no stone unturned when crossed. You are walking karma for those who try. E

. Even when there is no threat, you exude effortless dominance that makes others quiver under your penetrating gaze. You see through people's masks and illusions effortlessly

Sagittarius Your honesty, untamed nature, quick wit, determination, and impulsive white-hot anger make enemies and naysayers nervous.

Though people may underestimate you, others cannot dispute your captivating and powerful presence. You zealously protect and save your family. Y

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Taurus Taurus' intransigence makes you a formidable opponent. You are confident in your ideals and self-identity, which can intimidate shape-shifters. 

You're immediately noted for your sternness and no-nonsense approach when you enter a room. 

Capricorn Capricorn, you work hard and play hard, but you quickly put down others who want to play with you. People know not to mess with you because of your cold exterior

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