4 Zodiac Signs Enjoy Horror

Aries, a thrill-seeker, enjoys the thrills and chills of horror movies. It takes a lot to scare this bold zodiac sign. Aries enjoys what scares others.

They can't look away from situations that make others tremble and shield their eyes. For them, watching a terrifying movie is both fun and relaxing.

 Aries unwinds with heart-pounding TV and movies. More jump scares, blood, wickedness, and gruesomeness are better for Aries

GEMINI Gemini loves true crime and terror. Literature and documentaries are very appealing to this zodiac sign. 

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SCORPIO Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth, loves horror. Pluto, named after the Greek deity of the afterlife, rules them and all that's hidden

AQUARIUS Aquarius is obsessed with horror because they read a book, article, or movie that kept haunting them—something horrific, odd, unresolved

They like the genre because they can analyze. It's also a sign of their unconventional tastes. This zodiac sign loves cosmic secrets. 

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