3 Zodiac Signs Won't Fall for Love Again

One of the amazing things that happens during a transit that has one celestial body opposite another is that we, down here on Earth, get a chance to witness polarity. 

Three zodiac signs will see something we never saw before, and it will brighten the way we see our future. 

You most certainly know what it's like to go over old memories and, even more so, what it's like to stop on one particular memory and relive it again and again until it practically makes you sick. 

This day offers you the opportunity to understand something about yourself, and that would be your tendency to repeat mistakes. 

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Starting October 28 you see that you give too much of yourself away, and you do it right at the top. This gives the other person, this potential romantic partne 

During the transit of Mercury opposite Jupiter, you will find that you are able to see where you've gone wrong in past relationships and what might have been done differently to keep that romance going strong. 

On October 28, 2023, during the transit of Mercury opposite Jupiter, you will see that you've taken it to the farthest extremes 

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