3 Types Of Scorpio Sun And The Differences Between Them

Scorpios have developed a reputation as the mysterious, secretive, and sometimes temperamental sign of the zodiac wheel. 

These scorpions may act suspicious and obsessive at times, but they're devoted to and protective of their loved ones like no other. 

They even mold into the darker shades of personality hence their well-known dark humor ... Scorpios see and accept the multifaceted hues of humanity. 

A Scorpio sun with Mercury in Libra cares deeply about integrity and sees the world through a lens of fairness. 

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Mercury in Libra also knows how to amp up the charm and will always seek to understand another's perspective with an open mind and loving attitude. 

This placement has the gift of focused obsession, which may sound intense - and it kind of is - but it can be a great tool when it comes to productivity.  

Mercury in Scorpio can't help but imagine how they would feel if they were in another's position but may have difficulty extending that same compassion to themselves 

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