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Gyros Grill Restaurant

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The food in Gyros Grill Restaurant has its character. Its strong flavors, however, have a memory. You want to go back to them because something inside you has woken up. It has shaken your cups. He is married with a familiar feeling. And it’s nice to have classic flavors. And on the other hand, thirst for change. For the modern highlights . For something different. That, after all, is the point. Balance and evolution. You are, however, lucky because in Gyros Grill there are dishes that are classic, traditional and modern.

Here, hospitality is served, in addition to delicious food.
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Unique flavors of Greek Cuisine

In addition to traditional barbecues and soups, new dishes have been added to the menu, which consists of dishes for all tastes and tastes, such as fish specialties, burgers, sandwiches, etc.

The dishes are now enriched with the influences of the wider Mediterranean and international cuisine.

…because our love for tradition and authentic taste is real and you feel it from the very first bite.

Thanks to the meticulous procedures we follow, the quality of the raw materials remains unaltered and consistently high, defining a unique taste throughout our product line. We carefully select meats from the best farms. In line with the quality, innovation and constant development values, Gyros Grill has been certified by global organizations, as it offers products of superior nutritional value.

Innovation as a building block of Gyros Grill Restaurant, forms the basis on which success and development has been achieved over the years. The company’s innovative products, unique in their kind, cover all nutritional needs and trends in response to the daily needs of modern lifestyle. Technology and research are becoming valuable tools for our constant development, in order for us to stand out across the spectrum of our activities.

Training and continuous learning for hospitality professionals is our priority. At Giros Grill, we follow the needs and practices of both the domestic and global markets. Our goal is to continuously and comprehensively contribute to our services and quality.

Cooking delicious food
since 2009

All these years there has been support and trust from thousands of friends of Gyros Grill Restaurant and this is the strongest motivation to continue the effort from the whole group of people who work with passion and creativity, to please those who choose it, with the aim of good to it gets even better day by day.